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Compact ѧ .2

Compact ѧ .2

Compact ѧ .2

˹ѧ : 1421207100

ӹǹ : 256 ˹

:ԡѡ èԵ

Ҥһ : 115 ҷ

ǹŴ : 11 ҷ

ҤҾ : 104 ҷ

:: ´

鹡¤ 㨧¢ö任ء Ѻͺ纤ṹ ҧҤ Ҥ LAS ѡС¹ѧ 㹡ͺ O-NET ǧ˹дѺ .3

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article Фӹ˹ҹ
-a, an, the
-some, any
-few, a few, little, a little
-many, mich, several, etc.
-each, either, all, neither, every
-hard, hardly
-The simple present tense
-The present continuous tense/ The present progressive tense
-The present perfect tense
-The simple past tense
-The past con tenuous tense
-The past perfect tense
-The future tense
-The sequence of tenses
¤͹ (The conditional sentences)
ѹҹ (Conjunctions)

Adjectives & Adverbs
ºº (Comparison)
ҷդ .....
-ӹ (Nouns)
-þ (Pronouns)
-¤Ӷ (Interrogative sentences)
-ӡ (Verbs)
- (Tenses)
-Voice (active voice & passive voice)
-¤͹ (conditional sentences)
-ش 1
-ش 2
-ش 3
-ش 4

-ش 1
-ش 2
-ش 3
-ش 4
-ػѡ¹ 10